Day 1 : DJ Kutt Throat’s Champagne Shibuya Takeover

DJ Kutt Throat’s Champagne Shibuya Takeover


Words by @TokyoTwilighter
Photos by @TeamRoscoeJPN


Day one of the #ILMPJAPANTOUR2012 got off to a smashing start with DJ Kutt Throat’s special guest DJ performance at Xanadu’s first Friday event ‘Drunkard’ in Shibuya on Friday (January 6).


Spinning new tracks off of Roscoe Dash’s EP J.U.I.C.E., released late December in America, as well as music from rising Atlanta local artist Cash Out’s hit ‘Cashin Out’  the crowd pushed up against the DJ booth so hard that one of the kimono clad Japanese go go dancers nearly toppled off stage.


After finishing up his set DJ Kutt Throat stayed up on stage to support one of Japan’s top Southern hip hop DJs, DJ Sugi.  Popping bottle after bottle, Kutt poured a champagne stream into the mouths of the thirtsty female party goers, quenching their palettes as the bubbly dribbled down their necks.


Thanks to event organizer SHOW for putting together an amazing all-you-can-drink hip hop party to start off the #ILMPJAPANTOUR2012 right.

Special thanks to DJs






and MC.



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