Day 2 : DJ Kutt Throat continues to PLUG american independent artists into the Japanese music scene

DJ Kutt Throat continued to PLUG american independent artists into the Japanese club scene for day two of the #ILMPJapanTour on Saturday January 7th.


Words by @TokyoTwilighter

Photos by @TeamRoscoeJPN
Spinning the usual club bangers by Roscoe Dash, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and Future. Kutt also mixed in independent artists music from the states, including Dirt Dolla’s “Diamonds in the Sky”, Phil Marks “”Baddest One” and Amante Da Prez “ATL State Of Mind”.
In the booth for nearly two hours, go go dancer Tomo of the “Sexy Asain Allstars” showed the Southwest Atlanta native love in the booth, wrapping her legs around the 6’4″ dj as he picked her up and continued spinning as she treated him to a special dance to the rapidfire flashes of cameras and iPhones.  Later, Kutt, after finshing his set returned the favor by making it rain dollars over her on the dancer’s pole.
Four bottles of Hennesey later Club Kamikaze in Fussa finally shut down at a little before 8 in the morning. Day two of the tour wrapped up nicely as DJ Kutt Throat left the club as turnt up as he was when he walked in.
Special thanks to Uncutt Flava for booking DJ Kutt Throat and a special shout out to Kamikaze club owner for his unforgettable hospitality.
Also thanks:

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