@DJKuttThroat returns to Japan to headline his own tour #ILMPJAPANTOUR 2012

Interview by @TokyoTwilighter

Photos by @TeamRoscoeJPN


@TokyoTwilighter : So far your #ILMPJAPANTOUR 2012 appears to be off to a great start, how are you enjoying Japan?


@DJKuttThroat: Yes, I am having an amazing time in Japan. I always have a good time when I come here. But this trip is special because this is the first time I am headlining my own tour. Sure it’s great to be able to travel and tour the world DJ’ing concerts for artist such as Roscoe Dash and Young Jeezy. But it’s a totally different feeling when you know the reason you’re in another country is because you have a fan base and demand. Not the artist but me… DJ KUTT THROAT 🙂


@TokyoTwilighter: Last summer you came to Japan on tour with Roscoe Dash, tell us how this tour in 2012 came about?


@DJKuttThroat : Correct, last July Roscoe Dash and I toured Japan together. Furthermore being the PLUG that I am I recognized an oppurtunity to network and form a relationship with other PLUGs in Japan that I felt could aid me in strengthening my brand in Japan. So after leaving Japan I continued to communicate with those PLUGs I met in July and threw some effective branding stratagies we put together over time as we recognized a demand for me in Japan. From there it was nothing left to do but book the dates with the various Japan promoters and booking agents. But truely if it wasnt for my great team in Japan (I LOVE MY PLUG JAPAN) led by Taison (@Taison_WM) none of this would have happened so fast…. I LOVE MY PLUG!!! 🙂


@TokyoTwilighter: The tour is titled #ILMPJAPANTOUR, what is ILMP?


@DJKuttThroat: ILMP stands for I LOVE MY PLUG, that is a brand/company I started back home with my two older brothers. It’s funny how it all came together when I think about it.  All three of us were working in promotions and media doing our own thing separately. Then one day we just thought…. HEY! We all have great connections and a good following for what we do individually. Why don’t we come together and take over this muisc industry? So that’s what we took off to do. That’s where the whole PLUG brand came from. My brothers and I are the PLUGs to the music industry. I can say with confidence we know just about everybody you need to know in the industry and more importantly everybody knows us. And if they don’t know us individually they definately know our brand ILMP…


@TokyoTwilighter: You’ve been playing a lot of local Atlanta artists during this tour, how has the reaction been to the ATL music scene?


@DJKuttThroat:  Yes I have been PLUGGING in a lot of independent artists on this tour, from Atlanta and other regions of the U.S. But that’s what I do! Thats why Im the PLUG. If I don’t do it then who will? I don’t see anybody else from where I’m from over here breaking records… True they might DJ in Japan but I can guarantee they’re not taking the risk of dropping songs they know for a fact the Japan market has never heard. But I dont blame them cause everybody can’t be Kutt…lol It take a truely great DJ to break records. To be able to blend in those new records and not lose the crowd or clear the dance floor. But anybody can take the safe route and be a jukebox all night and play the same records everybody moves to because they’ve been programmed to like them from the Top 40 radio stations and TV. But not me…smh KUTT CAN NEVER BE REGULAR. So I issue this challenge to all my fellow DJs worldwide. Step out of the box constructed by the big record companies and media companies. Play something new, fresh, at least one independent record a night. Cause if we don’t do it who will. You have to ask yourself “If not me then who? If not now then when?”


@TokyoTwilighter:  What do you think is the biggest misconception of the Japanese music scene for Americans?


@DJKuttThroat:  Honestly I think Americans biggest misconception of the Japanese music scene is that a lot of my peers back home don’t think y’all listen to anything but Top 40 records. And Japan gets music way after it drops in the states. I can’t lie until I came over the first time I shared the same misconceptions. But that was quickly put to rest upon entering my first Japanese club and the first song to hit my ears was “Beef It Up” by Charlie Boy Gang, followed by “Watch This” by Future. Both are independent tracks from two independent artists from Atlanta. The songs have gotten bigger but you have to imagine how that blew me away because at the time those records were fresh even to me. So I’
m really blown away and saying to myself “DAMN! I didn’t think Japan was really on the independent scene like that. And that’s the main reason I issued that challenge to other DJs in the industry, because I know once the people are exposed to these independents they’re gonna love them and buy into their brand. Which at the end of the day is a win for the artist and DJ…


@TokyoTwilighter:  How can Atlanta artists looking to get plugged into overseas get a hold of you?


@DJKuttThroat:  That’s simple. I am one of the easiest people to get a hold of. You can email me at BookDJKuttThroat@gmail.com or hit me on twitter @djKuttThroat or facebook or hell you can call me and if im free 9 times out of 10 I’ll pick up 🙂 862.250.KUTT(5888)


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