[Interview] DJ Kutt Throat x @TokyoTwilighter

Industry Insider : How does one get ‘plugged in’ to Japan?
Interview with @DJKuttThroat
Graphics courtesy of I Love My Plug
@TokyoTwilighter:  The word ‘plug’ is difficult to translate into Japanese, and even for those unfamiliar with its usage in the urban scene it can be hard to grasp, how do you explain the term to those unfamiliar with the concept?
@DJKuttThroat:  Well that’s easy. A Plug is the person that you go through to get what you need or want. You know the man in between the man. Whether you’re selling cocaine or coca cola. You gotta get it from somebody… Everyone has a PLUG….
@TokyoTwilighter:  Do you believe that the Japanese market is ready for the ‘i love my plug’ invasion?
@DJKuttThroat:  I sure hope so. Cause ready or not we are definitely going to make our presence felt in Japan in 2012. We have some big projects in the works and I am confident that by the end of 2012 Japan will have a good understanding of what the word PLUG means and who ILMP are…
@TokyoTwilighter:  What do you see as necessary for Atlanta and American artists in general to be ‘plugged in’ to Japan?
@DJKuttThroat:  Well first off in order to get PLUGGED into the Japanese market you have to find a PLUG in Japan. Japan is one of those markets that you have to slowly strengthen your brand. And Japanese are not to willing to let new brands into their market, so the only way around that is linking up with individuals that already have a foot hold in the Japanese market. Second, but most important artists both independent and major must understand that its not about the quick money in Japan. A lot of artist & DJs come to Japan and tour expecting to get big booking fees their first time round. But that’s rarely the case, a lot of times when you’re new to the Japanese market you have to do shows for little to nothing so you can strengthen your brand in the Japan music industry….
@TokyoTwilighter:  In your opinion, how should someone from outside of Japan approach marketing themselves to Japan?
@DJKuttThroat:  I believe the best start to getting your brand in Japan is pushing yourself virally… Push yourself on the viral platforms that the Japanese market frequently visit. Yeah everybody’s on Facebook & twitter but they’re a lot of other blogs & social networks that are also popular in Japan, such as their version of facebook ‘Mixi’ and the Japanese youtube nico nico douga. And if you’re trying to break into the market you need to have a presence on all of them…
@TokyoTwilighter:  Where do you see the Atlanta and Japan markets intersecting in the future?
@DJKuttThroat:  Honestly I see a lot of ATL everytime I come to Japan. From the A-Town hats to the music. I think as the viral impact gets stronger on music Japan will continue to embrace Atlanta more and more till it gets to the point where ATL artists both independent & major are there on tour in Japan….hint hint lol
@TokyoTwilighter:  Any thoughts on the marketability of Japanese DJs for the Atlanta music scene?
@DJKuttThroat:  I believe Japanese DJs are very marketable in Atlanta. For one, there aren’t a lot of Japanese DJs in Atlanta to begin with. Second, with the recent rise in Dubstep in the ATL market I can see more opportunities for Japanese DJs to fill a void that’s currently not being met.

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