Day 6 : Video/Photo Shoot @ Pimp Code

DJ Kutt Throat and the 4 foot man with a 1000 chains
Words by @TokyoTwilighter
Photos by @Taison_WM

The appearance of a godzilla-like DJ Kutt Throat towering over the vertically challenged ‘Pimp Code’ jewelry shop owner Cross was an endearing sight as the two communicated through their translator Taison (with the help of Google translate) about their mutual appreciation of women, partying and ‘bling’.
Kutt completed a nearly 2 hour photo shop at the shop located in central Shibuya which also does extensive on-line sales for distribution all over Japan.  DJ Kutt Throat’s photos will be used for the shop’s on-line promo as well as PR in nationwide Japanese fashion and hip hop music magazines for the popular store.  The boutique attracts many young people in the hip hop fashion scene with its high quality accessories available for reasonable prices.
Starting with one chain and building momentum by the final photo Kutt was wearing over 10 chains around his tattooed neck, glittering so brightly that he had to pop on his shades just to see.  Customizing jewelry for a number of Japanese celebrities as well as overseas rapper and movie star Bow Wow, the shop owner unveiled a one of a kind design ‘I Love My Plug’ chain for Plug Enterprises CEO which will be completed late February.
Examining case after case of pendants, bracelets and customized G-Shocks, it was clear that Kutt’s favorite chain was the silver double styrofoam cups with the mystery pink drink.  Popular hip hop visual, most recently put on blast by ATL artist Future and 2 Chainz, Kutt explained the meaning behind the symbol, often seen by Japanese hip hop fans but not really understood.
More collaborations with PIMP CODE in the works, stay tuned for more photos and info.

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