DAY 7 : Connecting with International Young Plugs

Words by @TokyoTwilighter

Photos by E-Class Inc.


When it comes to success, there is no such thing as a cultural barrier.  When it comes to ambition, the right attitude is all you need.  For day 7 of the #ILMPJapanTour2012 (January 12) DJ Kutt Throat headed to Saitama prefecture to do a photo shoot for hip hop apparel shop E-Class Inc., owned by fellow young entrepreneurs Show and Jelly.


DJ Kutt Throat did the photo shoot with a customized Camaro SS, owned by E-Class owner Show, wearing a blue Adidas track suit, white Adidas Stan Smiths, accessories from Pimp Code and sunglasses from Armani Exchange.


Following the shoot, the team of young minds enjoyed conveyor belt sushi and discussed future plans to continuing building on the foundation set on this trip.


This weekend the #ILMPJapanTour2012 heads to Osaka and Tochigi to continue connecting, building and introducing the brand that’s already buzzing across time zones.


I Love My Plug Japan 🙂




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