Day 8 : #ILMPJapanTour2012 heads to Osaka

Day 8 : #ILMPJapanTour2012 heads to Osaka

Words by @TokyoTwilighter

After-hours Club Heaven in Osaka was packed wall to wall on Friday (January 13) for DJ Kutt Throat’s one hour set.  The typically top 40 party responded well to the Atlanta native famous for breaking artists domestically and overseas.  Jumping on the mic and ignoring the language barrier, Kutt was able to communicate with the Japanese crowd via his dynamic personality and enthusiasm on the turntables.

Kutt mixed in hits from all areas of the South, then when he started to play the west coast hits the crowd went nuts on the dance floor.  The entire set was a definite success with all attendees enjoying familiar hits as well as the new music fresh to both the Atlanta and Japan scene.

The event was a turning point for the tour on another level as DJ Kutt Throat and DJ Katz-zow met in person for their first time ever.  The two south hip hop specialists will be collaborating for the ‘I Love My Plug Japan Tour 2012’ special edition mixtape scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 17th (Japan time), on the last day of the tour.


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