Day 9 : Tapping into Local Talent in Japan


Day 9 Tapping into local talent


Words by @TokyoTwilighter

Photos by @TEAMroscoeJPN


One of the pillars of Plug Enterprises, a company co-founded by DJ Kutt Throat, Big Plug and money plug is the belief that those with the ‘juice’ need to plug talented individuals into opportunities for them to explore their potential.


When Kutt met MC Pretty Ricky at club Xanadu in Shibuya, he recognized man on the mic’s strong voice, keen sense of timing and energetic presence on the stage.  From there it only made sense for Kutt to collaborate with the popular mc and radio show host while in Japan.


Saturday (January 14) MC Ricky joined Roscoe Dash’s official tour dj on stage in Tochigi’s Club South BBC to rock the party and entertain club go-ers. A venue that has been host to shows by American artists such as Lil Scrappy and Ace Hood, the Philly native MC and Atlanta bred MC played off one another so skillfully it was hard to believe it was their first time together on stage.


Crowd favorites included 2chainz, ROSCOE DASH and the latest out of Atlanta “band$” by Kayode (@Kayode1986) featuring Grand Slam played for the first time in Japan that night. From there resident DJ Kazuya got on the 1s and 2s skillfully scratching top 40 hits while Kutt was mobbed by fans on stage as he continued drinking straight out of the bottle his signature drink of choice Hennessey.


Five out of six shows on the #ILMPlugJAPANtour2012 smashed out of the park with the grand finale going down on Monday (January 16) at Club Ibex in Roppongi.


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