Day 10 : ‘Digital Foot-printing’ and why it’s a must


Words by @TokyoTwilighter


Travelling the world and sharing your trade is a beautiful thing, but if no one knows about it how far can you really build on the foundation you’re pounding out?


When DJ Kutt Throat accepted the invitation to come back out to Japan again he knew he wanted his tour to be  not only about creating business relationships and meeting fans but more importantly keeping record of all the steps in his brand’s movement in Asia.


For him he knew that the most efficient way to maintain relevance and momentum would be by leaving his digital footprint across the web thus not only legitimizing his tour, but making him more accessible for others looking to connect with him.


The best way to see for yourself would be to type in #ILMPJapanTour2012 or DJ Kutt Throat into a search engine.  Still not convinced?  Try typing those words into a Japanese search engine and be amazed at how much coverage for an Atlanta DJ can buzz in Japan in less than two weeks.


YouTube, Twitter, mixtapes, blogging and other forms of social media all do a great job of memorializing the process but how does the day to day activity get onto the web?  Well, that’s what a team is for and that’s exactly why DJ Kutt Throat has been so successful.


To learn more about digital foot-printing in Asia hit up DJ Kutt Throat directly via twitter @DJKuttThroat or his company


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