Hoven X

Hoven X was born Antuan Benjamin Major on March 14. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Antuan moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia in 2001 after the death of his brother Joseph Avery Tutt Jr. Shortly after moving to Lawrenceville, Georgia, Antuan started rapping. Antuan has made nine (9) mixtapes locally and he is currently working on his tenth (10th), which will be his first official mixtape. Jay-z, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, and Eminem played major influences on Antuan’s life. After moving to the south, T.I. and other southern rappers began to influence him. This explains his versatility and the southern accent he has on certain beats. Roscoe Dash grew up rapping with Hoven and the two collaborated several times to make great songs. Roscoe Dash and Antuan also performed together. Antuan has decided that Roscoe would be his motivation to succeed. It is Antuan’s plans for him to work hard and meet Roscoe at the top. Antuan is also a Sophmore at Savannah State University where he is pursuing his degree in Accounting.



His music tells all about him.From his harsh times growing up to his wild nights of partying with his friends. This is this same Hoven that you’ve heard rapping with Roscoe Dash. Hoven X and Roscoe are two different styles of music but when combined together the two are an unstoppable force. Hoven also grew up with Sony rap artist Jon Hope from Providence, Rhode Island. Hoven and Jon lived in the same neighborhood and we’re also very cool. Hoven says “Jon was always at the crib borrowing no limit cd’s from my big brother. I never pictured him to be a rapper though. i bet he;.’s saying the same thing about me.lol”




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